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Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault

See and Touch the World's Most Famous Fault

"What is the San Andreas Fault?"

"Where can I go to see it?"

"What does it mean?"

"Will California fall into the ocean?"

These and many other questions are answered in the all-color, beautifully illustrated Field Guide to the San Andreas Fault. On twelve one-day driving trips that anyone can take in a regular car, the guide contains mile-by-mile road logs along some of California's most peaceful back roads that follow the fault. There are over 1100 miles of easily followed routes through sixteen California counties between Cape Mendocino and the Mexican Border. And with hundreds of GPS coordinates, you can't get lost. Each trip begins and ends at a public park or gathering place where people can assemble and caravan along the routes. No four-wheel drive necessary. The trips are great family outings for rock hounds, bird watchers and nature photographers. School field trips and museum outings will find the book an ideal way to show people the fault and help them understand what it really is. The book contains complete geological explanations, a glossary and hyper-accurate fault coordinates. The book is spiral bound and lays flat for easy reading in the car. It is also available on CD so that people can print out just the route they are taking. If it gets dirty in the car, readers can print out a new copy. David K. Lynch, PhD, is an astronomer and planetary scientist living in Topanga, CA. When not hanging around the fault or using the large telescopes on Mauna Kea, he plays fiddle, collects rattlesnakes, gives public lectures on rainbows and writes books (Color and Light in Nature, Cambridge University Press) and essays.


Contact: David K. Lynch 310 455-3335,

published 2006 ISBN 0-9779935-0-7 212 pages