Shown above and right is the iconic Walter Pyramid, where the 2019 Pacific Section Convention will be held. It is the home of the Long Beach State University 49ers men's and women's basketball teams, and the men's and women's volleyball teams. The Pyramid officially opened on November 30, 1994, when it hosted a 49ers men's basketball game against the Detroit Titans. It was designed by Don Gibbs, and built by the Nielson Construction Company of San Diego at a cost of about $22 million. This unique structure measures 345 feet (105 m) along the bottom edge of each side, which makes it a true pyramid, and one of only three such buildings in the United States - the others being the Luxor Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, and the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee. The Walter Pyramid rises 18 stories above the Long Beach City skyline, with an exterior clad in sheets of dark-blue corrugated aluminum. It is named for Mike and Arline Walter to honor a $2.1 million donation that they made to the university. Mike Walter is a former vice-president of the Levi Strauss Company, and from 1993 to 2000 he was dean for the Long Beach State College of Business Administration.




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2019 Annual Convention




Come Join Us in Long Beach








A Note from the Convention Chair:
I am very excited to invite you to the 2019 Pacific Section AAPG Convention to be held in Long Beach, California at the Pointe Conference Center in the Walter Pyramid on the campus of California State University. Our host is the Los Angeles Basin Geological Society, along with our Pacific Section SEPM and Pacific Coast Section SEG partners. Our theme is: "West Coast Creativity in Exploration and Development." The convention committee has been working diligently to provide a great technical program with field trips that are sure to ignite your passion for geology! We'll see you in April!
    - Richard Greenwood, 2019 Convention Chair

California State University, Long Beach



Technical Program at a Glance

Talks & Field Trips
  • Day 1 (Monday, April 1) - Malibu Monterey/Modelo field trip led by Wanjiru Njuguna & Rick Behl. To be followed by the Opening Session, Exhibits, and Icebreaker.

  • Day 2 (Tuesday. April 2) - "Creativity and Opportunities In West Coast Energy" special session with invited speakers. Also, SEPM and general oral and poster sessions. All-Conference Awards Dinner.
  • Day 3 (Wednesday, April 3) - Southern Los Angeles Basin Deep-water Clastic Reservoirs field trip led by Dan Schwartz and Don Clarke.

  • Two new kinds of oral sessions: Exhibitor, Vendor and Government Agency presentations (DOGGR, BOEM, BLM, USGS, Water Resources, State Lands, etc.) Either all-day Tuesday and/or the first 2 hours before departure of the Wednesday morning field trip.



  Poster Sessions (Concurrent with Oral Sessions)
  • Poster Session 1 - To be announced
  • Poster Session 2 - To be announced




  Short Courses (Before and after Field Trips & Oral Sessions)
  • Short Course 1 - Introduction to Basin and Petroleum System Modeling by Allegra Hosford Scheirer
  • Short Course 2 - Applications of Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Petroleum Geoscience by Shuvajit Bhattacharya & Haibin Di



Special Events at a Glance

  • Ice Breaker
  • Luncheons
  • Guest Events


Come Join Us in Long Beach



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